05 October, 2022 | 10:52 AM

Members of the community assert that ether staking is too difficult.

Members of the community assert that ether staking is too difficult.

Some argue that it would be healthy to acknowledge that not everyone is yet suitable for Ether staking.

Staking Ether (ETH) now plays a crucial role in validating blocks and safeguarding the Ethereum network since the switch to proof-of-stake (PoS) in the network.However, some members of the community are of the opinion that the staking procedure is too difficult, particularly for everyday people.

A community member brought up the difficulties of ETH staking in the Ethereum subreddit.The user claims that setting everything up took them an entire weekend.The user suggested that people with "unforgiving" schedules might not be able to accommodate this.They penned:
“It's better to just admit: The Ethereum community likes to sugarcoat usability.Currently, this is not for everyone.

Another member of the community reminisced about Ethereum's early days and shared their experience staking ETH in response to the thread.The user pointed out that before more user-friendly options were made available, blockchain interaction was also difficult back then.Additionally, the member of the community pointed out that establishing a node requires "more effort than we can expect the average person to put in."

The issue of bandwidth consumption was also brought up, in addition to the difficulties encountered during setup.A user stated that there is a possibility that your internet service provider will shut down their account due to the high bandwidth consumption.The costs of exceeding the internet data cap, according to another user, could possibly wipe out any stake gains.

In the meantime, another member of the community expressed disagreement, arguing that stakes are not intended to be simple tasks that anyone can perform.Despite the fact that it isn't, staking is still treated as if it were.They stated, "You are effectively being paid to do a job that requires some knowledge and effort."