22 October, 2022 | 12:49 PM

Unknown hero protects the DeFi protocol from a possible exploit:Reimagined Finance

Unknown hero protects the DeFi protocol from a possible exploit:Reimagined Finance

The total value locked (TVL) of DeFi fell below $50 billion at the time this article was written, according to analytical data.

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Some of the most significant DeFi hacks dominated the headlines last week.This week is redemption time for many DeFi protocols that either avoided a hack attempt or received substantial refunds of their stolen funds.
According to reports, a flaw in the BitBTC bridge made it possible for an intruder to create counterfeit tokens on one side of the bridge before exchanging them for genuine ones.However, the cross-bridge platform was informed of the vulnerability by a single Twitter user who was able to anticipate it.
After deciding to return the majority of the cryptocurrency they exploited from the Celo-based lending protocol, the Moola Market attacker has received a "bug bounty" of approximately half a million dollars.Despite a $160 million hack, cryptocurrency market maker Wintermute paid back a $92 million TrueFi loan on time.
Despite the protocol's decision to award him a $50 million bounty, Mango Market hackers who returned a significant portion of the $117 million stolen from the protocol could still face legal action.
With the exception of a few tokens, the majority of the top 100 DeFi tokens traded in the negative for an additional week.For the second week in a row, the locked total remained below $50 billion.

Optimism has been able to avoid a potentially costly exploit thanks to the efforts of an eagle-eyed Twitter user, who saved the cross-chain bridge between BitBTC and the Ethereum layer-2 network.
Users can send assets between Optimism's network and BitAnt's DeFi ecosystem via the custom cross-chain bridge, which includes yield services, nonfungible tokens (NFTs), swaps, and the BitBTC token, where one million BitBTC represents one Bitcoin (BTC tickers down $19,139).
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On Oct. 18, the Moola Market team tweeted that it was looking into an incident and had stopped doing anything. They also said that they had contacted the authorities and offered the exploiter a bug bounty if the money was returned within 24 hours.
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The exploiter of $117 million from Mango Markets has claimed that his actions were "legal," but a lawyer says that they could still be held accountable.
On Oct. 15, self-described digital art dealer Avraham Eisenberg made it clear that he was the victim in a series of tweets, claiming that he and a group of people engaged in a "highly profitable trading strategy" and that the actions were "legal open market actions, using the protocol as designed."

Concerns about the repayment of debt in the amount of $189.4 million surfaced after the cryptocurrency market maker Wintermute suffered a hack that resulted in a loss of $160 million.However, Wintermute paid back its largest debt, a $92 million TrueFi Tether (USDT tickers down $1.00) loan, on October 15 in an exciting turn of events.
Wintermute still owes $75 million to Maple Finance in USD Coin (USDC tickers down $1.00) and wrapped Ether (wETH), as well as $22.4 million to Clearpool, for a total debt of $97.4 million after repaying TrueFi's $92 million loan.